Bakersfield Center for 
Pastoral Counseling
A Ministry of the Free Anglican Diocese of California
(Worldwide Anglican Church)
Pastoral Counseling & Spiritual Direction
The Right Reverend Dr. A. David Parker is here for you and your family, during this global pandemic and beyond, to provide pastoral counseling to individuals and families, as well as spiritual direction to individuals and small groups upon request. 

Spiritual direction and discernment is perhaps more important now than ever before as God is using this unprecedented time to call many into faithful service of others affected by COVID-19 and the current racial battle for our country's soul.
Counseling Model & Philosophy
Dr. Parker has received many years of formal training through both undergraduate and graduate studies in a diverse breadth of counseling models to include person-centered therapy, biblical counseling, and spiritual direction:

Dr. Parker's office is also open to adults of all ages for case management and referral services in partnership with low-income individuals, families, and veterans in crisis to achieve their unique goals for whole health. 
About Dr. Parker
Dr. Parker is an ordained bishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church (WAC) and offers pastoral counseling as a function of his episcopal calling.  As such, Bishop Dr. Abraham David Parker offers counsel and spiritual direction which are grounded in Free Anglican faith and tradition.

As faith-based practices, pastoral counseling and spiritual direction are exempt from governmental licensing.  However, Dr. Parker has been licensed by the Free Anglican Diocese of California (Worldwide Anglican Church) and is also accountable to the WAC House of Bishops as well as various professional organizations including the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) for providing ethical and effective pastoral counseling services without discrimination.

To learn more about the Bishop's ecclesiastical endorsement for pastoral counseling and spiritual direction through the Free Anglican Diocese of California, click or touch here.
What is Spiritual Direction?
Dr. Parker adheres to a model of spiritual direction proposed by clinical psychologist and evangelical author Dr. Larry Crabb.  Dr. Crabb's model is called SoulTalk and is a contemporary variant of the ancient Christian practice ordinarily called spiritual direction. 

For more about the SoulTalk model of pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and group direction employed by Dr. Parker, you may purchase Dr. Crabb's book entitled "SoulTalk: The Language God Longs for Us to Speak" here from our Diocesan AmazonSmile platform, or simply click here.
How much do I pay?
Dr. Parker offers his pastoral counseling and spiritual direction services as in-kind contributions to the Free Anglican Diocese of California and therefore all your tax-deductible checks must be payable to the Free Anglican Diocese of California as such.  Payments made directly to Dr. Parker will NOT be accepted.

Your initial consultation is absolutely free!

Depending on your verifiable income, you will make a financial donation as little as $20 per session hour or you may pre-pay for 4 weekly sessions at a discounted rate of $75 per month ($5 off).

Partners (i.e. clients) with income above federal poverty levels are encouraged to make a donation for services at their fair market value of $40 per session or pre-payment of $140 for 4 weekly sessions at a discounted rate of $140 per month ($20 off).

Veterans and low-income residents of Bakersfield, California may qualify for pastoral counseling and spiritual direction services at no cost to them.

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